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Why finding the right vendors can support your next phase of AI innovation

Peter Brittliff
May 25, 2023
2 minutes

As a systems integrator, your ability to innovate, take advantage of the latest technologies, and effectively deliver solutions to customers is often hindered or empowered by the vendors you partner with. If they are restricted, your offerings are restricted.

Many organisations in the contact centre space are exploring how they can implement AI to create efficiencies and transform the customer experience. For example, Salesforce has teased its Einsten GPT to enhance knowledge management processes in contact centres by reviewing transcripts of customer conversations stored within Service Cloud. Nuance has also added a “conversation booster” to Nuance Mix, its conversational AI platform to answer more queries and detect when the customer’s intent changes.

Many organisations will be approaching systems integrators to understand how they can best leverage these new AI tools. Success in these conversations will often be determined by the vendors you choose to work with. 

Organisations know they need to start leveraging AI to keep up. Some, like banks or telcos, are much further down the road. But what about the smaller organisations that don’t have the breadth of expertise on hand to know where to start? It’s understandable that many feel overwhelmed by this. Particularly because the idea of AI still carries a lot of mistrust. Only 40% of Australians trust the use of AI at work, highlighting the need for support in the implementation and management of AI in the workplace. 

Systems integrators in the communications and collaboration space need to be that partner. And to do that, they need to work with vendors that are prioritising AI in a way that makes the adoption process simpler and less daunting.

What you should look for:

  • Find like-minded partners. You can’t expect to deliver excellent results for your customers if you’re not partnering with the best vendors in that space. If you’re committed to furthering AI in the contact centre, then you need to bring on vendors that are innovating in this space.
  • Find a provider that can complement and work with your legacy stack/investment. For those already nervous about starting on their AI journey, presenting a laundry list of vendors or new solutions that mean they need to rip and replace their entire CX stack will be  overwhelming. Instead, look for vendors providing all-in-one solutions that can be implemented within their existing ecosystem. This will simplify the deployment and management of new solutions, cut costs and create efficiencies. 
  • Look for vendor-agnostic platforms. Giving the choice to select best-in-breed tech means your customers can innovate faster, achieve cost efficiencies and easily scale. We know tech leap frogs itself. Organisations will be left behind if they’re stuck with outdated solutions. 

Contact centres are looking for experts to take on the responsibility of leveraging the latest tech, particularly when it comes to AI. To deliver the best solutions, start with finding like-minded vendors that can feasibly support you in seamlessly implementing the latest technologies for your customers, that give them the flexibility of choice, whilst cutting costs and creating efficiencies. 

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