Agent-assisted payments over the phone

Taking payments over the phone has never been safer. De-risk your contact centre with our PCI DSS SAQ-A solution and build trust with your customers.

How are you earning your customers' trust and protecting their credit card details?

67% of Australian consumers make payments over the phone. For contact centre operators, a data breach is a question of when and not if. A single incident can do irreparable brand damage and result in a loss of revenue and customer loyalty.

Lower risk of data breaches with agent-assisted payments

Our platform is SAQ-A compliant, which means that your contact centre agents never see or hear credit card numbers. All data is handled by our Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP), reducing the risk of data breaches and protecting your customers’ personal data.

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Credit card data is completely removed from your contact centre, reducing compliance costs by eliminating the need to use clean rooms pause and resume call recordings or deploy enhanced physical security

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Improve customer experience by ensuring the agent and customer are always in contact and removing IVRs or transferred calls to reduce call handling times

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We are payment gateway agnostic, meaning you have the choice of where your payments are processed

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Multiple integration options available via a branded hosted Payment Page or REST API

How we keep your customers’ data safe?

Certified to the highest level with leading card companies. Protect your data, safeguard your reputation and build consumer trust.

Customer connection

Your customers are connected to a live agent either through an inbound or outbound call.

‘Zero touch’ payments

No need to route the call anywhere. Customers can enter their card details using their keypad while still being on the call with the agent.

No card details ever enter the call centre

Automatically block card details from reaching your remote agents, contact centre, or your organisation.

Encrypted payments

Card details are encrypted and sent directly to your payment gateway provider. Payment is made directly to the customer’s banking facility from the payment gateway provider.

Intelligent Voice Platform

Low-code voice orchestration that seamlessly connects contact centre, corporate telephony, and unified communications empowering your customer experience and employee experience transformation.

Voice made simple and flexible

Take your organisation to the cloud with flexible SIP trunking that integrates everywhere, as well as smart voice orchestration to simplify number management and administration of voice services.

Easily integrate voice, anywhere.

Bring your contact centre and corporate telephony together to deliver a more seamless experience for your customers and your remote employees.

Seamlessly, access voice data

Gain a holistic view of voice data across your entire voice ecosystem and empower your speech intelligence for better customer and employee insights.

Accelerate cloud migration

Don’t let legacy hardware hinder your digital transformation projects. Confidently migrate one or multiple numbers without disruption to your customer experience

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