Mitel MiVoice Business Cloud

Overcome the challenges of hosting Mitel MiVoice Business yourself with SecureCo’s Intelligent Voice Platform.

Deliver Mitel MiVoice Business solutions without the hassle of hosting

As a Mitel reseller, are you looking to offer your clients modernized telecommunications solutions to help them deliver better customer experiences but struggle with the challenges and associated costs of hosting yourself as MiCloud Flex enters end-of-life?

Our cloud-based telecommunications solution, Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) can help Mitel resellers:

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Provide clients with cost-effective communication solutions that are easy to maintain and scale as your client's business grows

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Streamline communications and operations to gain more significant efficiencies and cost savings

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Leverage IVP’s revenue operations (RevOps) capabilities to streamline order-to-cash processes and grow your recurring revenues

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Differentiate yourself and your clients by staying ahead of the curve

How Mitel MiVoice Business Cloud can improve your Mitel offering

IVP can help you overcome the challenges of hosting Mitel and move to the cloud for better scalability, security, and access to advanced features like conversational Al, call recording, and analytics.  

Cloud Hosting
Hosted by SecureCo in the cloud, there is no infrastructure required, offering a hassle-free and scalable option.
Automated provisioning
You no longer have to wait for manual orders or deal with cumbersome virtual machines, putting you in control.
Choice of regions
Choose your region to ensure performance, low-latency, and high-quality voice calls, giving you and your clients peace of mind.
Packages and add-ons
IVP provides a range of solution packages and vertical add-ons to meet your client’s specific requirements
Flexible voice orchestration and SIP trunking  
Flexible voice carriage offers businesses resilience and security with a choice of connectivity options that help simplify number management, administration, and billing of voice services.

How Intelligent Voice Platform helps grows your business?

SecureCo’s Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) elevates your existing services by providing native voice technology integration, augmented services and a no-code user interface, allowing you to gain market share, increase margin, accelerate speed to market, and optimise operating costs.

Accelerate client cloud migration projects

Capitalise on
digital & CX transformation projects and the convergence of CCaaS and UCaaS with no-code voice orchestration.

Integrate voice technology at scale

Maximise your market penetration by providing universal on-demand voice connectivity with any customer experience technology.

Enable conversational data for your clients

Differentiate yourself by creating strategic 360 degrees access to voice conversational data for your clients and partners.

Secure payments over the phone

Taking payments over the phone has never been safer. De-risk your customers' contact centre with our PCI DSS SAQ-A solution and build trust.

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Intelligent Voice Platform

Low-code voice orchestration that seamlessly connects contact centre, corporate telephony, and unified communications empowering your customer experience and employee experience transformation.

Voice made simple and flexible

Take your organisation to the cloud with flexible SIP trunking that integrates everywhere, as well as smart voice orchestration to simplify number management and administration of voice services.

Easily integrate voice, anywhere.

Bring your contact centre and corporate telephony together to deliver a more seamless experience for your customers and your remote employees.

Seamlessly, access voice data

Gain a holistic view of voice data across your entire voice ecosystem and empower your speech intelligence for better customer and employee insights.

Secure  payments

Taking payments over the phone has never been safer. De-risk your contact centre with our PCI DSS SAQ-A solution and build trust with your customers.



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