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At SecureCo, our people are our heart. We pride ourselves in celebrating people for who they are and what they contribute. For open opportunities, look no further.

Come and join us...

There’s a lot of potential in front of us. SecureCo represents a unique opportunity to build something special that changes a career.

We are operating in one of the hottest industries globally - Digital Transformation and Customer Experience. We are growing fast and building a team that will take us to the next phase of global growth.

At SecureCo you will have opportunity to accelerate your career through ground breaking work, collaborating with some of the most innovative people in this industry and partnering with our clients: some of the biggest brands in the Australian Market.

In the following months and years, we will continue to look for the best talent in the industry to help us innovate and reach our potential in Australia and beyond.

We have a fantastic group of people here, so lean in and don’t hold back - you are welcome as you are.

Our Values

The Secure Code

Our vision is to empower organisations with communications that deliver meaningful interactions between humans, so they can create positive experiences for employees and customers everywhere. We are:


• We are ambitious, entrepreneurial and achievement focused.

• We find new opportunities and capitalise on them.

• We are a high performing team, striving for continuous improvement and growth.


• We are honest and transparent and encourage feedback, always with respect.

• We make sure everyone on our team has all the right information.

• We value, welcome and celebrate diversity in all its forms: Ideas, opinions, personal characteristics and lived experience.

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• We show up and take care of our team and customers.

• We support and empower each other to do our best work.

• We take ownership of the outcome, make sure our actions impact positively on the work, and operate with diligence.

SecureCo Benefits

We have great people on board, so we want to look after you with great perks and benefits! We work hard to make everyone feel a valued part of the family.

Financial Benefits

Everyone at SecureCo contributes to the bigger picture mission and our success as a business. We want you to feel rewarded with our packages & incentives.

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We have competitive salary packages

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An Employee Share and Options Program so that our team is invested in our success as a business

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Phone Allowance: depending on usage, we will contribute to your phone bills

 Diverse & Inclusive Environment

We understand that diversity and inclusion in our team is important for business success, and on a social level we strongly believe in supporting diversity in our industry and Australia at large. There are many ways we do this through company values and policy, but we also offer benefits that value, celebrate and encourage diversity.

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Team hybrid working arrangements we have shifted the focus from where we work to how we work to balance collaboration and productivity with home and family commitments

Wellbeing Benefits

We are focused on wellbeing for our team and making sure you feel appreciated, safe, and happy at work, as well as take time away to re-charge and stay healthy and happy

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Celebrate Success: we’re here for the good vibes and celebrating our wins, no matter how big or small

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Psychological Safety: Its important for us to have a psychologically safe environment at SecureCo, we put a lot of work into creating a cohesive team where people feel comfortable to make mistakes, try things that are outside the box, support each other through challenges and celebrate each other’s successes

Development Benefits

Hopefully you’re here for the journey but if you do leave us, we want you to do so having significantly grown your career, skills, experience and EQ

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Reward and Recognition Program: We have a fun, easy and accessible Reward & Recognition Program in place, aligned to our Secure Code

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Accelerate your career: Be a part of one of Australia's fastest growing Industries. We are a scale-up tech-co and our people are a huge part of this

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Forward focused development program: Centred around our Secure Code and specific development opportunities within the business and externally

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Udemy access for online e-learning

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