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Unlocking innovation with portable technology platforms

August 7, 2023
3 minutes

Customers have come to expect a new level of customer experience, especially when it comes to a brand's technology. This has put more pressure on contact centres to deliver seamless, scalable solutions - which can only really be delivered on the cloud. 

Ecosystm data commissioned by SecureCo in 2021 found 46% of organisations were considering migration to a cloud solution, meaning many hadn’t yet started making the shift. This data proves what we all know - cloud migration is not easy. It’s expensive and requires a level of expertise that many organisations don’t have internally. 

Not only are there complexities in the initial move to the cloud, but it’s not over once you’re there. No one wants to find out, like many eventually do, that the huge sums of money they’ve invested in their technology stack could go to waste if and when they decide to move cloud providers. 

It often falls to partners to find solutions to complex migrations that match the customer's long list of requirements - like a limited budget and no downtime. 

Calling out portability challenges

Portability is increasingly becoming a challenge and stifling cloud adoption and innovation. In April 2023, Ofcom in the UK reported that it was investigating cloud infrastructure vendors for making it too difficult to move workloads from public clouds. The investigation would look into a number of areas, including egress fees to move data away from the platforms, and general restrictions on interoperability and portability. 

Anti-competitive behaviours aside, creating portability challenges means organisations can’t get the most out of the cloud. New technologies, especially in the intelligent voice space, are entering the market at a rapid pace. Everyone wants, and deserves, access to the best, most innovative technologies and that means easily leveraging the best tools available. 

In order to keep a competitive edge, vendors need the choice of having on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments and to easily interchange between all three, and their providers. 

A portability partner

Organisations (and their partners) need to be looking for portable cloud solutions from the get-go. 

SecureCo helps organisations migrate to the cloud with a portable, tech-agnostic solution that allows them to get the best out of the cloud once they’re there, without being locked into one ecosystem. Its Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) makes moving between cloud providers easy with flexible SIP trunking and smart voice orchestration. This means there are no surprise costs or hidden complexities when you do move between clouds. 

For our partners, being able to offer a portable solution enables them to provide an intelligent voice solution that can scale and adapt with their customers, saving a lot of time and money for the customer and increasing margins for our partners. 

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