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Just look up: The answer to customer loyalty is in the cloud

August 15, 2023
2 minutes

It’s no surprise that consumers are increasingly demanding better CX as brand loyalty weakens. A 2022 study by Emplifi found 86% of respondents will leave a brand they were once loyal to after only two to three bad customer service experiences, whilst 53% left a brand within the 12 months prior after just one single bad experience. 

As technology is now the foundation upon which most brand interactions occur, organisations need to rapidly shift their lens to the back end of the user experience to ensure its technology is removing rather than adding friction (think an AVR system that can’t even understand your name). 

What contact centres are realising is that seamless, efficient, and connected CX at the standard consumers now expect can only be achieved by moving to the cloud.

Missing out on innovation

You might be surprised to know that according to a Microsoft whitepaper, 40% of companies that engaged with its Service Sophistication Model still use manual routing for agent assistance and many are still manually generating insights from historical customer conversations. This approach is bound for customer disappointment.  

The same whitepaper reported that only 12 per cent are engaging in AI-based solutions, demonstrating a huge missed opportunity to dramatically improve customer experiences. 

Whilst we don’t know how many of these organisations have already moved their contact centre into the cloud, what we do know is that those who haven’t, won’t be able to take full advantage of innovative technologies - from AI to compliance tools, essentially taking them out of the CX arms race. 

It’s impossible to know what is going to be the next game-changing CX tool. However, moving contact centre and unified communications technologies to the cloud is the only way to be prepared for the unexpected. Moving to the cloud gives contact centres the flexibility and control to take advantage of new technologies without overhauling huge physical infrastructure investments. 

Fix it before its broke

For most contact centres, especially those that have been resistant so far, moving to the cloud is daunting. The cost, complexity, and potential downtime can be major deterrents, with many taking an ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it mentality’. However, in today’s CX landscape, if you’re not one step ahead of consumer demands, you’re bound to fail. 

So, once an organisation has realised a move to the cloud is imperative to retaining customer loyalty - where do they go from there? The answer is a unified cloud-based intelligent voice platform. 

SecureCo’s Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) reduces voice technology complexities, making it easier to migrate to the cloud and simplifying the integration of UCaaS and CCaaS. Its flexible SIP trunking integrates across the technology stack, and its smart voice orchestration simplifies number management and administration of voice services.

After making the move to the cloud, organisations can leverage IVP’s voice orchestration capabilities to enable speech intelligence technology to unlock detailed information on customer sentiment, issues management, and call outcomes to help improve customer experiences by building and sharing knowledge of each customer and their needs in real time. 

In addition, SecureCo’s Intelligent Voice Gateway (IVG),, allows organisations to leverage web chat bots and AI, faster. IVG enables seamless communications between voice and bot technologies, creating more personalised and intuitive customer interactions. For example, its Text-to-Speech (TTS)/Speech-to-Text (STT) processes are in real time, minimising delays that often come with cloud-based speech synthesis to create smoother, more natural call experiences. 

We hope it’s clear by now that moving to the cloud unlocks invaluable potential for the customer experience. Forcing customers to repeat information or to use IVRs that don’t understand them is no longer acceptable. If you’re looking for a cloud-based intelligent voice platform to help future-proof your customer experience, contact SecureCo to discuss our IVP solution.