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It's time to iron out the lumps in your CX stack

Peter Brittliff
May 23, 2023
2 minutes

It's time to iron out the lumps in your CX stack

Everybody wants the best. There’s nothing worse than paying top dollar for a new appliance only for it to be superseded by something newer and shinier a short time later. Whilst it’s not reasonable to buy a new fridge every time a new model is released, companies looking to stay ahead of the innovation curve need to be investing in the latest and greatest technologies. 

However, during a company's pursuit of ‘the best’, their technology stack can turn into somewhat of a Frankenstein’s Monster. Working with a laundry list of vendors can make things more complex with no uniformity or cost efficiencies. This is particularly true for intelligent voice solutions as the technology continues to evolve rapidly. 

More than a call centre 

There’s a reason why the term ‘call centre’ is considered outdated. That’s because today, they don’t just make and receive calls, instead, technologies like instant messaging, speech recording for compliance, analytics, biometrics, payments and even sentiment analysis have been merged with traditional call centre tools to create the contact centre. 

The convergence of Unified Communitions-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaas) technology means systems integrators and managed service providers need to find a way to integrate their customers CX technology stack. If you’re getting all of these services from different vendors, that’s a lot of technologies coming together to provide a customer experience. And when it’s not centrally managed things can easily get out of hand and cause a number of issues, including increasing the risk of CX issues experienced by your customers due to issues integrating technology.

Keeping your options open 

Organisations, particularly contact centres, need to be consolidating their technology vendors with vendor-agnostic, solutions that allow organisations to chase best-in-breed tech without creating a monster. 

SecureCo’s Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) connects speech technologies, to dramatically improve costs and create resourcing efficiencies, enabling your business to innovate faster and focus on business growth. This also makes life much easier for service integrators, who can offer one simple, holistic solution to customers. 

Do you use MS Teams? Or maybe Verint? It doesn’t matter with IVP. Because it’s vendor agnostic, you can choose the tech you want across the entire voice stack, without having to deal with each individual vendor and can instead orchestrate your tech from one central location.

We all know that investing in the right technology provides the competitive edge organisations need in order to provide the best CX possible. An no code, low code intelligent voice platform not only provides a unique level of choice but also means your customers are less likely to trip over CX issues before you do. 

Learn more about SecureCo’s IVP here.