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How contact centres can take advantage of AI tools like ChatGPT to gain a competitive edge

Peter Brittliff
July 24, 2023
3 minutes

Gartner predicts conversational AI will reduce contact centre agent labour costs by $80BN in 2026. New tools, like ChatGPT, have further changed the game dramatically since launching in late 2022, and with them have come new questions about how contact centres can be leveraging AI to create efficiencies whilst providing a better customer experience. 

It’s easy to see how generative AI tools can support contact centres when handling enquires over chatbot or text-based touch points, but what we’ve not seen yet is the power these tools can have when connected to voice. 

So, what should contact centres and service integrators know about this next stage of AI as a customer experience tool?

Bridging the gaps

Contact centres are under growing pressure to be more efficient and effective while meeting rapidly increasing customer expectations. Customers want the best of both worlds - a human and personal interaction that is powered by AI to remove friction or unnecessary admin.

Whilst AI technology like that which powers ChatGPT can generate copious amounts of information in seconds, the tool is still only text-based. Whilst that’s great for the likes of chatbots, the next step is going to be connecting text-based generative AI to voice. And that’s where contact centres are going to start to see an immense shift in how they provide customer experiences. 

SecureCo’s upcoming Intelligent Voice Gateway (IVG) is doing just that. It builds bridges between technologies which means contact centres can leverage new tools faster, without overhauling entire systems. 

IVG enables seamless communications between voice and chatbot technologies, improving the customers' experience by making the interaction more personalised and intuitive. For example, its Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) allows developers to create more natural-sounding TTS systems by controlling pronunciation, intonation, and other aspects of speech synthesis, resulting in more engaging and personalised conversational AI experiences.

We know that tech leapfrogs itself, and staying locked into particular vendors can mean you’re reliant on their commitment to innovation, often leaving you with outdated tech. 

SecureCo’s commitment to building its platform in a way that supports and connects best-of-breed technologies makes innovating faster because you’ll always be able to leverage the latest tech without costly upgrades. 

What does this mean for channel partners?

Having the ability to adopt best-in-breed technology not only benefits the customer but also puts service integrators at a significant advantage. Access to the newest tools that meet the changing demands of the industry results in stronger relationships with customers and helps to open up new revenue streams. 

Sure, AI tools are commonplace in contact centres; however, SecureCo’s commitment to staying vendor-agnostic means we can connect the best tools together, like Google Dialogflow, Azure Speech Services,  IBM Watson, Cognigy and more, to voice services, providing our partners with a significant competitive advantage. 

We’re only just now seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of AI to transform the customer experience. SecureCo’s Voice Gateway connects the power of text-based AI into the world of voice, opening up endless potential for contact centres and new opportunities for service integrators to transform the way they do business. 

Head to our Intelligent Voice Gateway page to find out more about how we can work together to leverage AI and help you gain a competitive advantage.