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Deploy your favourite speech analytics solution anywhere with SecureCo

Peter Brittliff
April 8, 2022
4 minutes

The evolution of the traditional call centre into an omnichannel contact centre has allowed companies to view the function less as a cost drive operation.

Organisations that successfully capture, extract, analyse, and act on contact centre voice data are able to better determine why their customers call, can develop insights into how they can provide a better experience for both their customers and employees and have the ability to measure the level of customer satisfaction from eachr and more as an opportunity to provide strategic, experience-oriented customer care. With customers engaged via SMS, websites, chats, and social media, identifying customers’ reasons for initiating contact has become a core analytics use case for virtually any contact-centre interaction.

Improving contact-centre performance can be a source of frustration for many organisations because of the roadblocks to extracting and understanding voice data.

The Challenge

The common challenges we hear from organisations starting their customer experience transformation journey are system interoperability, connectivity, and security issues.


The underlying voice technology stack comprising; carriers, network management, voice infrastructure, and contact-centre systems -- especially on-premise, isn’t compatible with speech analytics technology. Speech analytics technology needs call meta-data and stereo call recording to transcribe and process the voice stream accurately.


The complexity of connecting speech analytics to multiple calling technologies like; unified communications, contact centre, corporate telephony and even now CRMs to provide a 360 view of the customer is expensive and, in many cases, technically impossible.

To ensure business continuity and competitiveness, organisations need carrier and technology provider independence, empowering them with the flexibility and resilience of multi-carrier and agility to connect speech analytics wherever it is needed.


In contact centres particularly, security is focused on the need to maintain PCI DSS compliance at the highest level while being capable to mine conversational data.

The solution - voice technology excellence without friction

SecureCo has developed a SIPREC+ solution to seamlessly enable speech analytics from vendors like Dubber, Verint and Daisee into CCaaS and UCaaS solutions. The SecureCo SIPREC+ feature enhances regular SIPREC capabilities with a normalised CTI metadata stream, mitigating many of the challenges involved when considering deploying speech analytics across all call-based conversations - no matter the calling technology.

“Our partnership with SecureCo is all about enabling Dubber as the defacto call recording and conversational AI service no matter if you are relying on a cloud, on-premise or hybrid calling technology stack. Through our partnership and technology innovation, we can record and mine any customer call across the organisation - providing business leaders with critical 360 degrees of conversational data and insights.”
 James Slaney, Co-founder & COO @ Dubber
“We’re thrilled to bring our new SIPREC+ solution to our customers to support them and revolutionise their customer experiences. Voice conversation data mining is a critical tool to help organisations better understand their customers and augment their existing tech to perform at the level required to meet today’s customer expectations. We’re excited to watch our customers reap the benefits of SecureCo’s new SIPREC+ solution.”
-- Paul Bird, CEO @SecureCo