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Calling all partners: Our new global partner program is here!

Paul Bird
December 1, 2022
3 minutes

Calling all partners: Our new global partner program is here! 

As with most tech companies, SecureCo has evolved a lot over the past ten years. As we moved away from secure payments and towards SaaS voice orchestration, we knew we needed to build up our partner ecosystem with the right knowledge and expertise to cater for this shift and align with our new Intelligent Voice Platform (IVP) offering. 

Launched in March 2022, our IVP addresses a number of challenges facing partners today, including the need to remain competitive by adapting quickly in response to digital transformation. Our IVP will also allow partners to stay relevant by creating service differentiation whilst building operational efficiencies to address shrinking margins and hyper-competitiveness. 

We want to provide true partnerships by enabling the success of our partners and supporting them in building out their solutions. We’ve already had some great organisations come on board as part of the new program including Generation-e, and we’re looking forward to welcoming more onboard as we continue to grow. 

What are the benefits of partnering with SecureCo?

IVP allows partners to easily deploy complex telephony solutions in minutes to meet end-customer demands.  Its model also helps partners generate additional recurring revenue, which is typically out of reach for many service integrators due to the billing complexities and costs to implement the dedicated systems.  

In addition, our IVP gives customers the choice of best-of-breed technologies as opposed to being all in with one vendor. This ensures the end customer’s needs are met, as well as providing more opportunities for partners who have unique skills, competencies and relationships in specific tech stacks to add-value services. 

What does a partnership with SecureCo offer?
SecureCo Partner Program Tiers

The partner program offers a unique low-code cloud solution that enables new recurring revenue streams, faster time to market as well as sales, marketing and operational support. 

The new program consists of multiple tiers and is looking for partners with a focus on technology service offerings with strong vendor alignment and industry focus as well as high levels of reach and resourcing. 

As we head into 2023, we’re looking forward to leveraging our new program to find new ways to support our partners' ability to grow and become more agile as the technology landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. 

To learn more about why partnering with SecureCo might be right for you, head to our partnerships page

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