Service Level Agreement

Effective Date:  
March 17, 2023

Defined terms used herein have the meanings attributed to such terms in the applicable agreement between the Customer and SecureCo. This Service Level Agreement must be read in conjunction with the applicable Product Description(s).

SecureCo bases its service levels on availability, which measures the amount of time that a Service is available for use by the Customer.  

It is calculated per calendar month as the total number of hours that the Service was available less any maintenance divided by the number of hours in the calendar month less any maintenance and rounded up to the nearest two decimal places.

The below table outlines the Service Availability Targets and the applicable Service Rebate, in the event that SecureCo fails to meet the Targets. Service Rebates are subject to the Service Rebate Conditions and Exemptions and are expressed as a percentage of the monthly charges for that service.  

Component Description Target Rebate
Intelligent Voice Platform Call processing and native features are working.
Features include;
  • Voice Gateway
99.99% 15%
SecureCo Voice – Number Rental
Hosted Geo & Virtual Numbers Calls can be made and received 99.99% 15%
Inbound Voice Calls can be received 99.95% 15%
BYOC Interconnects
OTT IVP is reachable via the public internet. Excludes the customers connection to the internet 99.95% n/a
Virtual IVP is reachable via Cloud Exchange. Excludes the customers' connection to the Cloud Exchange 99.99% 15%
Physical IVP is reachable via the SecureCo provided port. Excludes customer-provided cross connects &/or data services 99.99% 15%
Service Management Tools
IVP APIs The customer can use the APIs to manage their services 99.95% n/a
IVP Portal The customer can log in & use the portal 99.95% n/a

Service Rebate Conditions

  1. The maximum Service Rebate payable for any Service in a calendar month is capped at 15% of the total Charges in the calendar month for that Service.
  2. Service Rebates apply from the first full calendar month that the eligible Service is operational.
  3. The payment of a Service Rebate is the sole remedy in the event of any failure to meet the defined Target.
  4. Service Rebates must be applied for by contacting SecureCo’s Service Centre and following the prescribed process for obtaining Service Rebates within thirty (30) calendar days of the end of the calendar month in which the Service Rebate applies.
  5. The Service Rebate is only to be applied by way of a credit, and cannot be redeemed for cash; and  
  6. Service rebates will not apply where one or more of the Service Rebate Exemptions (outlined below) apply.

Service Rebate Exemptions

Services are not eligible for Service Rebates if one or more of the following exemptions apply:

  1. the incident giving rise to the Service rebate was caused or contributed to by:
    1. a Force Majeure Event;
    2. the Counterparty or End User (including, without limitation, the exercise of SecureCo‘s right to suspend the Service in accordance with the Agreement);
    3. the Counterparty or End User’s acts or omissions or the acts or omissions of the employees, contractors or agents or the Counterparty or End User;
    4. the installation of Counterparty or End User-ordered or approved software modifications, updates or changes (whether or not approved by SecureCo), or the failure or malfunction of applications or systems not owned or controlled by SecureCo;
    5. a temporary suspension of the Service permitted under the Agreement;
    6. the failure of the Counterparty to comply with its obligations under the Service Order or the Agreement;
    7. a defect or failure in one or more Third Party Facilities; or
    8. a third-party service provider (other than SecureCo’s carriers) or as a result of a fault on a third-party service provider’s network (other than SecureCo’s carrier’s network).
  2. the Counterparty has failed to pay any Charges to SecureCo when due and payable