Enterprise Voice

SecureCo’s voice carriage provides crystal-clear voice quality and the flexibility to integrate with your UCaaS and CCaaS in minutes, not weeks.

If your customers won’t settle for second-rate service, why should you?

If your business is still using legacy telco, it's time for an upgrade. Keeping up with the latest technology is essential for delivering a better customer experience. Your customers expect to be able to reach you anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We don’t need to tell you how frustrating it can be to manage legacy telco relationships just so you can meet your customers’ expectations. It’s time for a change.

Flexible SIP Trunking on-demand

Connect to your phone network how you want. Choose between, Over the Top (OTT) via Public Internet for faster deployment and lower costs, or bring your own carrier (BYOC) and connect via cloud exchange or physical interconnect for private connections.

Don’t let traditional carrier limitations hinder your migration plans. Migrate and configure individual numbers or bulk number ranges with zero impact on your customer or employee experience

Our self-serve portal for number management makes ordering porting and provisioning numbers faster, and more scalable

You can enable tier 1 multi-carrier diversity for better resilience and call-quality for your customers and employees

Flexible pricing plans  

Many businesses are finding that they can save money on  their telephone costs by switching to a flexible pricing plan that includes on-net routing. This means that calls between company end-points are routed more efficiently and at lower cost. In addition, businesses have the choice of bundled or elastic billing options.

On-net routing - lower call costs between company end-points

Choice of billing options - choose between bundled minutes for cheaper call rates or the flexibility of elastic pricing and pay only for the minutes you use.

Burstable functionality - scale up or down according to your needs to meet peak call demands

Consolidated billing – using from a single provider, makes managing your telephone charges easy.

Intelligent Voice Platform

Low-code voice orchestration that seamlessly connects contact centre, corporate telephony, and unified communications empowering your customer experience and employee experience transformation.

Voice made simple and flexible

Take your organisation to the cloud with flexible SIP trunking that integrates everywhere, as well as smart voice orchestration to simplify number management and administration of voice services.

Easily integrate voice, anywhere.

Bring your contact centre and corporate telephony together to deliver a more seamless experience for your customers and your remote employees.

Seamlessly, access voice data

Gain a holistic view of voice data across your entire voice ecosystem and empower your speech intelligence for better customer and employee insights.

Secure  payments

Taking payments over the phone has never been safer. De-risk your contact centre with our PCI DSS SAQ-A solution and build trust with your customers.


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