Generation-e enables people to simply and securely meet, collaborate and share. A simple statement but an approach that can make all the difference to our customers. For too long, people in companies have been limited in how they can work together. Generation-e helps improve your team’s productivity through value adding technologies that leverage the power of Microsoft’s cloud technology.

Why SecureCo and


are better together?

Generation-e and SecureCo bring together our Cloud Voice Exchange (CVX). This provides our customers a secure, cloud-native, intelligent voice platform that enables seamless migration to the cloud by transparently linking flexible and resilient carriage services. CVX integrates with UCaaS (e.g. Microsoft Teams), CCaaS (e.g. NICE InContact, Genesys, Anywhere 365, Enghouse). Costs, carriage and connectivity associated with other platforms are minimised by CVXs scalability, delivering highly-available voice services to support your critical business functions. Transition to CVX today to see how you can rapidly deploy your voice solutions and manage everything from the one platform.