Customer Science Group

Customer Science Group bringing your customer and digital vision to life. We are a practical consulting and professional services firm that help Australian organisations be global service leaders. We help organisation each step of their service transformation journey including research & review, strategy & policy, design & plan, implement & enable and measure and sustain. Our services cover all elements of people, process and technology so we can help you deliver a complete service solution that delivers sustainable business, financial and customer benefits.

Why SecureCo and

Customer Science Group

are better together?

SecureCo and Customer Science Group partnership helps you get the most out of your SecureCo investments. With our service design and technology enablement capabilities we optimise the value technology provides to your business and customers. We provide customer research to design and optimal customer journey, service and technology solutions. We provide a unique real time reporting product (CXiaaS) that not only collects and visualises your services data in real time it provides a database for your internal BI platform to access historical data. Collectively we can bring this solution together so your business realises its business benefits, we deliver optimal customers experience, improve return on investment and lock in these benefits into a sustainable operating environment.