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Our success is the result of a decade of commitment to simplifying the complex for our customers and partners. We are building the next generation of intelligent voice connectivity and orchestration technology - providing easy and secure access to any voice services to global organisations.

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Every month, SecureCo handles more than 80 million conversations for global banks, retailers, insurers, carriers, airlines, systems integrators, and customer experience technology providers. Security and compliance is in our DNA.


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Take the next step in your career and join a driven team that’s making a difference in how customers and enterprises connect together.

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We know that no growth happens in our comfort zone. We push boundaries, strive to be the best as individuals, as a team and as an organisation.



We operate with good intent and expect that from each other and our clients. We believe a diverse and collaborative environment yields the best outcomes.



We know that you depend on us, just as much as we depend on you. We won’t abandon you when you need us most. We are in the trench with you.

SecureCo’s Journey


Creation in Sydney by Paul Bird (current CEO) First enterprise clients in Australia


Launch of the SecureCo voice platform Launch of the SecureCo voice platform SecureCo provides on-demand, reliable and compliant voice connectivity


SecureCo raise $7m to fuel its growth


SecureCo AMRR grows 2.5 times to $6.3m


Launch of contact centre products SecureCo makes PCI DSS compliance easy


SecureCo raise $1m to accelerate its product development Drew Kelton joins SecureCo as Chairman


SecureCo Annualised Monthly Recurring Revenue (AMRR) reaches $2.5m


SecureCo on a path to hypergrowth! We make enterprise communication secure and easy
$10m capital raise round via lead by Ellerston Capital, Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited, Fifth Estate and Morgans and advised by Black Peak

Paul Bird

Founder & CEO

Dinesh Bapat

Chief of Operations

Andrew Stevens

Chief Revenue Officer

Olivier Cauderlier

Chief of Strategy & Marketing

Ehinomen Akhabue

Chief Financial Officer

Joshua McAdam

Chief Product Officer

By the numbers


end-users relying on SecureCo everyday


enterprise and government clients


years making Enterprise voice easy and secure


million minutes of conversation processed every month

No 1

in PCI DSS compliance descoping for Enterprise

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Security and Compliance is in our DNA