MS Teams calling

    Easily connect MS Teams to your call technology ecosystem with SecureCo

    We developed a solution not only to enable you to make calls via MS Teams, but also to easily integrate it with current and future calling technology.

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    Enterprise voice

    Reach voice technology excellence without friction

    Every month SecureCo orchestrates millions of calls for major organisations. Whether you need multi-carrier access, stereo call recording, payment compliance or out-of-the-box voice connectivity for your favourite calling technology, we make Enterprise voice easy and secure.

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    WHITEPAPER: voice technology excellence & customer engagement

    Discover the major trends impacting customer experience decision-makers in Australia and how voice technology excellence is driving customer empathy and deepening engagement.

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    PCI compliance

    The PCI DSS compliance pitfall you want to avoid in your contact centre

    Contact centres that process card payments on the phone are at the frontline of data threats and need to be more vigilant than ever to protect client data and brand reputation.

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Enterprise voice architecture made secure and easy

We are on a mission to make enterprise communication easy and secure. Our technology is the essential link in connecting your customers to your organisation.

From on-demand contact center voice connectivity for enterprises, gold-standard PCI DSS compliant payment, instant multi-carrier access, speech analytics or virtual agent technology integration we make it secure and easy.

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Customer experience assurance

Customer Experience Assurance tools available at your fingertips

  • Compliant calling automation
  • Speech analytics
  • Contact centre testing
  • Voice monitoring
  • Intelligent Virtual Agent call APIs

Enterprise calling for modern contact centres and corporate telephony

A voice orchestration platform that you can always rely on.

  • Secure SIP trunking
  • Inbound services
  • x5 Tier1 native carrier access
  • Native integration with CcaaS, UcaaS and any other calling technology

Gold-standard payment solutions

Our solutions have been developed to securely capture customer payments at the highest level of compliance – either with the agent, webchat or via the IVR.

  • PCI DSS Agent assisted & remote workforce
  • PCI DSS Virtual Agent integration
  • PCI DSS Omnichannel payment

News, resources and analysis

    news | Mar 15, 2022

    Corporate telephony, unified communications and contact centres are merging, improving CX for consumers

    Siloes between contact centres and the communications and telephony technologies that run them will inevitably lead to siloed approaches to delivering customer service, which is no longer a business risk leaders can afford to take.

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    news | Mar 15, 2022

    What do I need to consider when migrating a contact centre to the cloud?

    Cloud-Based Contact Centre Infrastructure (CBCCI) functionality will become a standard productivity tool across enterprises in the next 10 years.

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    news | Mar 14, 2022

    Cloud-based contact centre infrastructure: Where do I even start?

    Cloud-based contact centre infrastructure (CBCCI) is heralded by many industry experts as the future for organisations that really want to address this evolving market demand.

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    news | Feb 15, 2022

    How to create a more empathetic contact centre

    AI and automation alone won’t meet rising customer expectations. The empathy that contact centre staff bring to customer interactions has an immense impact on the CX that brands deliver.

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    news | Jan 27, 2022

    Contact Center technology | AI has changed contact centre CX without you even noticing

    How AI is transforming contact centres?

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    news | Jan 27, 2022

    Jan 22 white paper | Why voice technology excellence drives empathy and deepens customer engagement

    Twenty-three months into the pandemic, a lack of physical touchpoints with brands has meant contact centres have been experiencing higher volumes of inbound enquiries than ever. AI and automation alone won’t meet rising customer expectations.The empathy that contact centre staff bring to the customer has a major impact

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    news | Jan 12, 2022

    Enterprise voice| Overcoming customer inbound call anxiety?

    Receiving a call from a hidden number brings up mixed emotions - sometimes panic, sometimes curiosity, and a lot of times, just plain annoyance.

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    news | Jan 10, 2022

    Contact Center Payment | The PCI DSS compliance pitfall to avoid in your contact centre

    Contact centres that process card payments are at the frontline of data threats and need to be more vigilant than ever to protect client data and brand reputation.

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By the numbers


end-users relying on SecureCo everyday


enterprise and government clients


years making Enterprise voice easy and secure


million minutes of conversation processed every month

No 1

in PCI DSS compliance descoping for Enterprise

Your digital toolset for phenomenal
enterprise voice architecture


  • Same day secure SIP availability
  • Native integration with contact centre and corporate telephony software
  • X5 instant tier1 carrier access
  • Expert enterprise project deployment team
  • Migrate from one calling technology to another
  • We are the voice conductor, we make telephony easy and secure


We offer premium services every step of the way

  • Native X5 Tier 1 multi-carrier protection
  • Premium voice call quality
  • Voice architecture issue detection
  • Enterprise-grade services supporting more than 20,000 voice users


  • Compatible with current and future calling solutions (Genesys, Nice CXone, MS Teams, Cisco and more)
  • Choose your carrier


We provide true compliance and business risk relief

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • PCI DSS compliance SAQ-A
  • Level 1 PCI DSS Certified provider
  • Certified system information auditor
  • Certified information systems  Security professional
  • Risk and security advisory and guidance support


Delivering exceptional services for high-value business outcomes.

  • High availability calling services
  • Voice experience automation
  • On-demand SIP deployment
  • Compliant calling automation
  • Live customer insights
  • PCI DSS virtual agent payments
  • PCI DSS agent assisted payments
  • And more

Security and Compliance is in our DNA