Fraud Prevention

SecureCo™ delivers fast, reliable and, most importantly, secure processing of your transactions. In partnership with some of the largest global fraud partners, our payment platform has been developed to offer the security and flexibility needed to support a diverse range of business requirements.

Benefits of SecureCo™ for Fraud Prevention

  • Minimise fraud occurrences from payment card processing
  • Partnerships with ThreatMetrix provide world class services
  • Identity Management
  • Fraud check available across call centre, website, log in and checkout
  • Real-time interception and rejection of payment transactions prior to submission
  • Risk score based approach
  • Ability to fine tune fraud detection through Artificial Intelligence
  • Customisation and enhanced rule sets to meet evolving needs
  • Reduced costs

Contact SecureCo™ today to learn more about our streamlined approach to high level security and fraud prevention.

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