SecureCo’s leading integrated Payments, Compliance and Secure Hosting platform empowers users to focus on growing their core businesses, while delivering a superior and secure customer experience

Our simple and effective solutions provide developers and marketing teams with complete control of online environments (most notably the payment page) to optimise the look and feel. Importantly, this is done at the same time as delivering an effective PCI Compliance solution which takes the pain and cost out of processing payments.

All SecureCo’s solutions are built with a security first approach, and not just as a “bolt on” or “afterthought”.

Benefits of SecureCo’s Ecommerce Platform

Hosting websites in SecureCo’s secure PCI DSS environment allows users take advantage of our enterprise Payment Gateway, delivering:

  • “Secure host-to-host payments integration”, providing:
    • Simplified API integration
    • Superior control of online environments
    • Superior website tracking
    • Ongoing and future-proofed method to maintain PCI Compliance
  • Protection from “man-in-the-middle” attacks
  • Superfast transaction times
  • Auto-Scaling
  • 24×7 security monitoring of
  • Continuous API and platform integration
  • Fraud prevention and identity management
  • Integration for all payments types

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