Secure Platform (PaaS)

SecureCo’s Secure Platform as a Service is for users looking to host individual websites and business applications without having to deploy and manage their own infrastructure, operating systems, and PCI Compliance.

All web applications are hosted on a scalable farm of Linux/Apache or Windows Server web servers under the control of SecureCo’s Application Deliver Controllers (ADC), hosted across two data centres.

These ADCs provide up to a 50%-80% reduction in page load times, are addressable from current and future browsers without major modifications, scale automatically to respond to increasing or decreasing demand, and failed servers are automatically removed from rotation until they are remediated.

Benefits of SecureCo’s Secure Platform as a Service

  • Premium end user experience
  • High availability environment
  • Auto-scaling
  • At least 7 different Internet providers
  • Redundant Data Centre

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