Secure IaaS

SecureCo’s Compliance Hosting Platform is purpose built to ensure meeting PCI-DSS and Privacy Act requirements are as easy as possible. And to assist compliance all year round – not just on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Our elastic IaaS environment scales as needed to provide the flexibility and agility to respond to internal requirements, while ensuring security is not jeopardised.

In partnership with one of Australia’s leading Compliance and Security experts, Vectra Corporation, SecureCo’s Complaince Hosting Platform delivers an additional monitoring overlay that is managed by Vectra’s Security Operations Centre on a  24/7 basis.

Benefits of SecureCo’s Secure Infrastructure:

  • Unified and coordinated security monitoring for incident response and compliance management
  • Coordinated intelligence and analysis of the latest threats
  • Prescriptive guidance on how to respond via SecureCo’s NOC in conjunction with Vectra’s SOC
  • Real-time insights on incidents affecting others around the world

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