Compliance made simple

SecureCo™ delivers a “zero compromise” approach to security and compliance by co-locating all payments processing functions and related business applications in the same secure, PCI compliant hosting environment.

Setting a new standard for confidence, our solution enables businesses to relax in the knowledge they have taken the necessary steps to protect clients from the damage caused by major security breaches.

Why Choose SecureCo™

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant – secure hosting environment, with a 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • PCI DSS made easy – all hosting, secure interactive voice response and payment switches are co-lodged in the same PCI Level 1 audited environment – reducing costs and complexities of PCI obligations
  • High speed customer check out –various integration options allowing transactions to be delivered directly from web app to payments switch
  • Best-of-breed infrastructure – ensures no single point of failure across multiple iterations
  • Enterprise payment platform – seamless integration of online payments, access to major banks and schemes, fraud prevention and wallets
  • Diverse Internet Carriers – delivers DDoS Protection, with multiple data centers connected by dark fiber loop
  • You’re in good hands

Learn more about how SecureCo™ services can help you manage payments and compliance in the digital age  or contact us.

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