Enterprise voice

Inbound call services that ensure exceptional voice-based interactions

It’s never been more important for businesses to be able to connect with their customers; and voice-based interactions can drive any brand perception up, or down. This is why we ensure your organisation is always available, in Australia and globally.

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Voice-based interactions have the power to boost (or bust) customer satisfaction

There are a multitude of communication channels available, which means voice-based interactions have more influence on customer satisfaction than ever.

Considering that over 80% of customer interactions are inbound, you want to ensure you’re always contactable and available. Our tried-and-tested inbound voice services keep you in touch with your customers through crystal-clear clarity.

  • Cost-effective
  • Full control
  • Secured customer experience
  • Compliance
  • Global reach

Inbound voice services to help
your business thrive

Customer service

Assist clients with product and technical support and build brand loyalty.

Respond to leads

Communicate with new prospects and generate sales.

Payment processing

Take payment and process orders for inbound sales.

Upgrades and renewals

Handle everything related to upgrading or renewing services.

We make enterprise communication easy and secure

    Call quality

    Experience crystal-clear calls with no drop outs or interruptions. Real-time reporting provides empirical proof of network call quality and problem isolation.

    Network monitoring

    Real-time and proactive network monitoring ensures quality issues are addressed with minimal customer call impact.

    Competitive pricing

    Lowers your cost of taking calls by leveraging our group buying power with the leading telco providers

    Geo-based calling

    Ensures a single common number is provided to your customers, while the call is routed to the nearest appropriate geographical answer point for the caller.

    Complex toll-free Configuration

    Get complex configurations with origin-based routing features such as:

    • Selected caller routing
    • State-based routing
    • Charge district routing
    • Postcode routing

    Simple toll-free Configuration

    Simple configuration with a call routing plan with a single or multiple answer points. It also offers any basic routing features, including:

    • Australia-wide landline and mobile routing
    • Call splaying and overflow routing
    • Time of day, day of week, day of year routing

    Domestic and international numbers - fixed and mobile

    Our Intelligent Network Toll-Free services (13/1300/1800 numbers) lets customers dial-in at subsidised call rates using an inbound toll-free service number, making it easier to contact your business. We also provide domestic and international numbers, fixed and mobile.

Your digital toolset for phenomenal
enterprise voice architecture


  • Same day secure SIP availability
  • Native integration with contact centre and corporate telephony software
  • X5 instant tier1 carrier access
  • Expert enterprise project deployment team
  • Migrate from one calling technology to another
  • We are the voice conductor, we make telephony easy and secure


We offer premium services every step of the way

  • Native X5 Tier 1 multi-carrier protection
  • Premium voice call quality
  • Voice architecture issue detection
  • Enterprise-grade services supporting more than 20,000 voice users


  • Compatible with current and future calling solutions (Genesys, Nice CXone, MS Teams, Cisco and more)
  • Choose your carrier


We provide true compliance and business risk relief

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • PCI DSS compliance SAQ-A
  • Level 1 PCI DSS Certified provider
  • Certified system information auditor
  • Certified information systems  Security professional
  • Risk and security advisory and guidance support


Delivering exceptional services for high-value business outcomes.

  • High availability calling services
  • Voice experience automation
  • On-demand SIP deployment
  • Compliant calling automation
  • Live customer insights
  • PCI DSS virtual agent payments
  • PCI DSS agent assisted payments
  • And more

Security and Compliance is in our DNA

The SecureCo platform

SecureCo provides augmented services available when needed and pre-integrated with the customer experience technology you are using today or tomorrow.