October 13, 2021


by: Frederic Lahme

Reading time: Takes 3 minutes

  • How does SecureCo’s Contact Centre Payment platform work?

    We utilise DTMF masking technology by sitting in path between our carrier providers and the customer PBX to ensure end-to-end compliance.
  • How much does it cost?

    Overall costs depend on the selected solution. Costs are broken down into quantity licensing of the voice channels, number of PCI Agents taking payments. Usage makes up the remainder of the monthly costs with voice minutes and number of payment transactions executed. Implementation costs are broken down into product delivery costs to implement the solution and optional project management services, where we provide a turn-key implementation of our solutions.
  • How long will it take to deliver a project?

    From our experience of implementing similar services, the usual project duration envelope is three months. Integration of carrier and payment provider services making up the bulk of the duration.
  • Where do the credit card details go once they have entered SecureCo’s CCP platform?

    Credit card data (PAN/CVC) are transiently held in the CCP solution until payment has been executed with the payment gateway. After which it is completely and securely erased. We do not hold or store any credit card data with our CCP solution.
  • Do you keep record/ store data of any transactions?

    All transactions are logged for audit and troubleshooting purposes, but no PAN or CVC data is ever logged. Only returned card tokens are stored as part of the logs.
  • Doesn’t (Pause & Resume / Encrypted Network / Clean Room) take me out of scope?

    These solutions still require compensating controls to be put in place, which are time consuming and complex as well as only providing a SAQ-D certification. Our CCP solution provides SAQ-A, which means no credit card data is present at all, significantly minimising the need for these compensating controls and reducing ongoing cost each year.
  • Can I use the CCP platform in conjunction with IVR / Speech Analytics?

    Yes, card details are only masked when taking payments, which means all current IVR menus will function as before. Since DTMF digits are masked during payment, call recording and speech analytics solutions are now also out of PCI scope and do not require any redaction.
  • How will this impact my agent performance and productivity? e.g. AHT, CX, etc.

    CCP positively contributes to a better customer experience, since the customer remains on the call with the agent while taking payments. Average handling time is generally reduced, since the agent can enter additional information while the customer is entering their card data. Our data suggests a 2-8 seconds reduction is possible.
  • Do you clear or settle?

    No, we do not offer merchant facilities. We only facilitate the capture of cards in a PCI DSS compliant manner.
  • What is your current TX volume?

    Our API facilitates the capture and execution of the payment to the upstream PSP gateways, so volumes are dependent on the number of transactions executed.
  • Do you offer a solution for physically disabled people?

    Currently no, although we could explore bespoke solutions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do you support overseas credit cards?

    Yes, we do. We support all major credit card providers
  • Can agents use SecureCo when working from home?

    Absolutely! This is one of the key strengths of our solution since no credit card information is ever passed to the agent. Agents can log in from home and continue to take payments safely and securely. All our solutions ensure no credit card details are spoken, heard, or seen.
  • Can any voice channel take payments?

    Yes, all channels can be “protected”, which means that any channel will be able to take a payment if required. The maximum number of payments is based on the number of Agents
  • What is DTMF masking?

    DTMF masking involves masking the unique audible tones with flat tones so that people who hear the DTMF data cannot decipher the credit card numbers.
  • What does “secure mode” mean?

    It is a period during the call, where DTMF tones from the customer side of the call are masked to the agent and SecureCo for the capturing of the digits used for payment directly to the PSP gateway, on behalf of the Merchant.
  • What is DTMF bleed?

    DTMF bleed is the term used to describe residual DTMF tone artifacts left in the voice stream. Generally, this is not audible and only detectable via media analysers, so most carriers do not remove it. We remove DTMF bleed to ensure no residual DTMF information remains in the voice stream.
  • Do I need to detokenize and re-tokenize the credit cards once I start using your contact centre payment solution?

    The short answer is no. There is no need to detokenize and tokenize the existing tokens. Our scope in the contact centre payment solution is to capture the credit card details and submit the transactions to your payment gateway on your behalf. One of these transactions can be to create tokens. In this case we will capture the credit card, create the token and share the payment gateway’s card token back with you. You can then use that token for recurring payment directly by executing the transaction using the card token with your payment gateway.